Automobile Courses

Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Diploma in Automobile Engineering is a full-time 3-year Diploma level Automobile engineering course. Automobile engineering is the sub-branch of Mechanical Engineering. Candidates who have completed 10th examination with 60% marks and mathematics and science as main subjects of study from a recognized board are eligible for Diploma in Automobile Engineering course.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a course that offers a study on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and designing machines. The duration of the course is 3 years divided into 6 semesters each. The eligibility to apply for the course is candidate should have completed class 10th with a minimum of 45% from any recognized education board. The course offers ample job opportunities for candidates in the field of private and public sectors.

Post Graduate Diploma in Production & Operation Management

This postgraduate program in Operations and Supply Chain Management aims at training eligible personnel to deliver excellent services at low cost and minimum time. The program aims to develop change agents having the adequate competencies and mindsets for creating a rich culture of operational dexterity at the workplace. one of the program’s objectives is to enable individuals to significantly improve their Operations Management (OM) skills.

Diploma in Automobile Serviceman

A comprehensive Advance course in Automobile Engineering Services packed with modules on Digital Literacy, Soft Skills, In-plant training, Team Management and Entrepreneurial Development to give you an edge at your workplace, be it in the service industry or your own business.

Advanced Diploma in Hydraulic Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment results are directly proportional to the knowledge and skills of the alignment technician. i.e the best equipment in the world is only as good as the operator. During training, technicians are skilled in the need and application of steering angles

Diploma in Wheel Alignment & Balancing

The main objective of the training centre is to train our customers’ technicians since wheel-alignment is one subject that definitely requires grooming. Though the computer does many things, unless a trained technician handles it, it is not possible to bring the best out of the machine. we are looking at training engineers and technicians. The next step is skill development.

Diploma in Engine Failure Diagnosis using OBD(Onboard Diagnosis)

This course will prepare the trainees to enhancement skill level in fast pace of technological change impact in Auto Electrical and Electronic system, the development of hybrid and alternative –fuel cars is just one example, the use of isolation meters and scan tools, leads the trainees in diagnostic skills through troubleshooting and service of ignition, Starter motor, Alternator and battery,so electronics is a vital part of the training for automotive technicians.Telematics, which is an increasingly important automotive technology, is covered in considerable detail (including the theory of GPS navigation system