Integrated DMLT & Pharmacy Assistant

Integrated DMLT & Pharmacy Assistant

Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology is a 2-year diploma programme designed to impart experiential learning to the students in order to develop a desired workforce to combat ever increasing demand of medical lab technicians in the healthcare sector. The programme is designed with specific inputs from industry experts, based on the latest technologies available and in practice, for individuals interested in entering the field of clinical laboratory science.

Pharmacy Assistant course is also 2 year basic course in pharmacy, as assistant to work in a pharmacy to help in selling medicines, helping in making inventory, check‐out the expiry medicines and all the work as helper in medical shop, clinic, hospital, nursing home etc. The syllabus and curriculum prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India is followed for Pharmacy Assistant Programme.

Integrated DMLT & Pharmacy Assistant deal with both the courses of DMLT & Pharmacy Assistant. Though the studentd have multiple opportunity to achieve the job in appropriate place.

Programme Educational Objectives

  • Students will have knowledge and research practices required for clinical testing laboratories.
  • Students will be able to function efficiently, confidently and safely in clinical laboratory settings including hospital environments.
  • Students will be able to follow ethical practice associated with medical lab technology.
  • Students will demonstrate basic knowledge in pharmacy complemented by the appropriate clinical skills and attributes.
  • Students will ethically apply their knowledge and skills of pharmacy with an understanding of realistic constraints for the overall benefit of the society.
  • Students will understand and admire the role of pharmacist in the development of healthy society.
  • Students will engage in life-long learning and professional development through continuing education by graduate /postgraduate programs and doctoral level studies.

Programe Outcomes

  • Apply knowledge and technical skills associated with medical lab technology.
  • Perform routine clinical laboratory procedures within acceptable quality control parameters in haematology, chemistry, immunohematology, and microbiology.
  • Demonstrate technical skills, social behavior, and professional awareness imperative upon a laboratory technician.
  • Apply problem solving techniques in identification and correction of procedural errors, instrument malfunctions and verifying the accuracy of laboratory results.
  • Demonstrate ability to plan and implement professional activities.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge and clinical skills in basic pharmaceutical sciences to facilitate their overall professional development.
  • Manage effectively various resources for successful completion of pharma projects/assignments within the stipulated time.
  • Identify and solve problem related to pharmacy practice for the patient compliance.
  • Act efficiently as a leader in the practice of pharmacy profession with multidisciplinary healthcare teams.
  • Understand and appreciate the role of pharmacist in developing healthy society.
  • Undertake Public Health care projects and camps for educating society about safe and optimal use of pharmaceuticals.

Course Duration

2 Years

Programme Highlights

Distinctive academic curriculum, qualified and competent faculty members; transfer of knowledge through scholarly activities, inter-disciplinary project based learning: state-of-the- art laboratories; exceptional analytical and testing facilities; industry interaction & internships for clinical exposure.

Core Modules

Human anatomy & physiology, pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, blood banking, biomedical techniques and ethics, and advanced diagnostic techniques.

Career Avenues

Diploma holders in medical lab technology would typically be recruited as:

  • Medical lab technicians
  • Technologists.
  • Lab information system analyst
  • Healthcare administrator
  • Hospital outreach assistant coordinator They are mostly absorbed in by hospitals, health care departments, private hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. In such a work setup, they usually check prescriptions (made by the Doctor), dispense drugs to patients, give them advice & directions, keep stock of drugs in storage, keep accounts and maintain the inventory. They can also work in pharmaceutical industries, retail or wholesale outlets of medicines.

Entry Requirements:

Candidate shall have passed 10+2 in science stream with physics and chemistry as compulsory subject along with one of the math/biology.