Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in Fashion Design

Diploma in Fashion Design is a basic fast track diploma course in the field of fashion designing. This 1 year course is based on a revised curriculum of fashion trends and designing, guiding students towards various lucrative careers in this field. The main objective of this course is to make students find creativity and innovation in Fashion Design and impart knowledge of the technical aspects involved in the process. Aspiring fashion design students interested in this course must have a high school graduation certificate (Class 12th) from any recognized board in the country. This is a basic eligibility followed by many colleges, but some also offer admission in Diploma in Fashion Design after 10th as well.

Programme Advantages

With a Diploma in Fashion Design, students can find employment as Brand Managers, Pattern Makers, Design Product Development, Designers, Fashion Writers, Fashion Coordinator, and much more. A fresh candidate in this field can earn an average salary between INR 2,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum depending upon the calibre and experience of the candidate. In the fashion world, experience counts more than qualifications, hence your talent and skills speaks volume than your degree. But still, after this diploma course, students can go for many Bachelor courses in Design or other related fields, and can also pursue one of the many Advance Diploma and Certification courses offered in the design field.

Course Duration

1 Year

Programe Outcomes

Diploma in Fashion Design course covers all the major aspects of fashion. From the source of design or pattern inspiration to the production of an original prototype, everything is included in this course. It covers topics such as designing, advertising, garment construction, sales and marketing, merchandising, and the proposal and progress of fashion ideas. Students learn a variety of processes involved in fashion designing such as how to build and develop a fashion portfolio, how to apply the standards of garment design, and how to focus on the desired customer market. By showing competency in all these regions, students then enter the fashion industry completely trained and prepared to contribute creatively. This diploma program underscores innovation and creativity in Fashion Design while providing candidates with the technical aspect for a successful career in the fashion industry. It will also help candidates to support particular skills related to pattern drafting, sewing, fashion styling, illustration, design and garment construction.

Diploma in Fashion Design offers the opportunity for students to enhance their skill set and qualifications, making them a suitable job applicant in a competitive job market of the fashion industry. The course also offers candidates practical employment experience and skill development that will help prepare them for an excellent exciting fashion career. This program emphasizes on developing personal responsibility and identity. The major focus is to help each student recognize their true potential, and develop their aptitude in their area of expertise which could be designing, fabric making, garment making,etc. With the foundation based on the experience, expertise & workshops conducted by Industry Experts, the students would be able to develop a strong basis for their skill sets, especially in the field of design. Apart from entering the fashion industry, students also pursue this course just to have the personal satisfaction of possessing the general knowledge of clothing design, and to connect creative exploration with innovation, technology, and market understanding.

Programe Syllabus

This diploma course trains students in the basic of fashion design techniques and applications, General Fashion Theory History of Costumes, Fabric Selection Fashion Illustration, Principles of Fashion Design Fashion Principles, Fashion Accessories Fashion Tools & Techniques, Basic Silhouettes Measurements & Patterns, Silhouettes of Garments Quality Assurance, Drafting of Blocks & Patterns Stitching Methods & Applications, Saree Designing Fashion Forecasting, Advertising and Media Planning Fashion Show, Fashion Exhibition Industrial Training Report

Career Prospects

Fashion Industry is one of the most growing industries in India right now. According to the statistics, the need for professionals who are skillful in this field will be doubled by the year 2025. Hence, it is not incorrect to say that right now is the best time to study Diploma in Fashion design. The opportunities of employment in many private companies and public sector units are huge after this course. The diploma course helps to set your career in the fashion industry, and you gain the basic skills that can get you jobs in sectors such as styling, clothing, mercanusicnsg, retaining, buying, etc. Nonetheless, students can work independently as well as entrepreneurs, fashion writers, bloggers and influencers, and earn big money while being their own boss. In the fashion world, much more importance is given to the experience that a person has more than his/her academic qualification. Therefore, in a way we can say that having the right skills, creativity and experience can help students a lot in their career and personal growth. Still, students can opt for many Bachelor degree and Advanced Diploma courses such as Bachelor of Design, Advance Diploma in Interior Design, and many other certification courses.

Entry Requirements:

Students who wish to pursue this diploma course in fashion should have completed at least Class 10.